Many people have made investments over the years, always in the hope of making more return than available in cash.  The majority of these are entirely normal, and it is only a small minority that are unsuitable for retail clients.

Ian can explain the investments held by the majority of UK investors, namely unit trusts, open-ended investment companies and life or pension mirrors of these vehicles found respectively in investment bonds and insured pensions.  More uncommonly, investors can also hold direct equities, investment trusts and exchange-traded funds.

Among these mainstream investments, it is likely possible for the vast majority, possibly even all, investors to gain exposure to the markets of their choice.  Nevertheless, some investors either choose to make less mainstream investments or have them recommended by a salesperson.  These might be unregulated collective investment schemes, non-mainstream pooled investments or some form of direct asset like carbon credit or car park space.  Where the individual investor fully understands this area and has made a decision to invest on their own, this may be suitable, but if a retail investor holds such assets only because they were sold them by a salesperson, some questions on suitability may arise.

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