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Introducing Rob, Your Robo Assistant

Do you have questions about your finances, but don’t want to pay full fees for a financial adviser to answer them?
You might want to look at our brand new Robo Assistant, Rob.  Rob can answer a whole range of questions about your finances, and all of the answers have been written by a qualified financial adviser.
You can access the whole range of services from Rob for £10 a month (less than a cup of coffee a week) or £100 for a year.  If the question you had in mind isn’t currently available, you can get in touch with us to request

Rob's Vision

Helping you to understand your finances, whatever stage of life you are at and whether or not you have a financial adviser currently helping you.

Rob's Mission

Provide you with a relevant set of answers to questions that you personally have about finance in a concise and friendly manner.

What Can Rob, Your Robo Assistant, Answer?

Rob can talk to you about a  range of pension  issues, from state pension entitlement to the difference between a defined benefit and defined contribution pension scheme.

Rob knows about a wide range of investment subjects, including the various wrappers that you might invest through (ISA, General Investment Account, insurance bond), the types of investment that you might  hold within those bonds and how you might go from the basics of understanding your risk profile through to setting up an asset allocation profile for yourself.

All of us pay tax, but what taxes are payable on investments or inheritances? Rob has been taught about a wide range of taxes and can  give information on income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax.  He’s not quite there with VAT yet, as that is a phenomenally complicated subject!

Almost all of us need insurance at some point in our lives, but working out what type of insurance we need can be a minefield. Rob is able to help you understand the types of insurance policy available to you and will help you to decide what your next steps should be.

What Can Rob Not Do?

Rob cannot (yet) replace a financial adviser, but that isn’t what he’s designed for.  Instead Rob is designed to help you to understand your finances a bit better, allowing you to make better informed decisions.  If you want a truly automated adviser, we have one of those as well, though limited to certain query types at this time.  You can explore this at our client portal.

Although this isn’t a true financial adviser relationship, our intention is to keep building Rob’s question database to make sure that he stays useful. As such, if you have any questions that you think should be on the list, please get in touch and let us know.

Your Subscription

Talk to Rob, Your Robo Assistant

Once you have logged in and bought your membership, you can visit Rob whenever you like, and can bookmark his homepage directly.