Financial Services Expert Witness

Aegis Financial Consulting was set up to provide expert witness and education services to courts and lawyers who need to understand complex financial matters. Ian Rex-Hawkes is a Chartered Financial Planner with over a decade of experience working in finance, including time spent at a large bank, an asset manager, an accountancy practice and independent financial planning firms.  He has specialised in pensions and tax from a financial planning perspective, and as such can offer good explanations of complex financial planning issues.

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How We Can Help

Aegis Financial Consulting offers both expert witness services and education for professionals on matters of financial planning, either in the form of preparing company documents or making a presentation to interested staff. Topics include:

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  • Pensions, investments, insurance and taxes for non-complex clients.
  • More complex pension issues, including annual allowance and lifetime allowance, plus the various forms of transitional protection that have been made available over the years since A-day (6 April 2006).
  • Pension sharing orders.
  • Tax-privileged investments such as ISAs, VCTs, EISs, SEISs and Business Relief schemes.
  • Insurance-based investments, both onshore and offshore (otherwise referred to by various names, most commonly Investment Bonds or Flexible Investment Plans).
  • Membership of and retirement from occupational pension schemes.
  • Inheritance tax planning strategies involving gifts, investments, trusts and insurance policies (either term or whole-of-life).
  • International planning for UK leavers, including transfer of UK pensions to QROPS.

If you have questions about financial service expert witness work or how we can help you better understand your clients’ affairs, please contact us or read through the rates for various services.

For Investors

​Please note that this is all a non-regulated expert witness and educational service aimed at legal professionals. For personal advice on your own affairs, please contact a local financial adviser or ask me for a referral.

This service is not available to investors directly, as it is geared towards solicitors and other legal professionals looking to bring either criminal or civil actions in court. As a retail investor, your first ports of call should be as follows:

These services are free to consumers, but sometimes additional support may be needed. In this instance, you should approach a solicitor with the relevant experience to obtain advice on your possible actions. This is particularly relevant if your losses are greater than the scheme limits for the above services or if you are otherwise ineligible to claim under these schemes for any reason.