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Welcome to Aegis Financial Consulting, a full-service fixed-fee financial planning firm. We provide:

  • Financial planning for individuals, including:
    • Cash flow forecasting to assist in creating a well-constructed set of goals.
    • Investment planning with those goals in mind.
    • Pensions, both as part of the investment planning and as a means of providing guaranteed retirement income.
    • Financial protection against sickness and death for your family.
    • Tax minimisation within the bounds of acceptability in law. This might involve reducing the impacts of inheritance tax on your eventual estate, for example.
    • Other niche financial planning areas, including venture capital investment, overseas pensions, and a whole range of other options.
  • Business financial planning, aimed at owner-managed businesses where traditional Employee Benefits consultants are not cost-effective.
  • Expert witness work for lawyers looking for someone with familiarity with financial services legislation.
  • Technical talks and training on a variety of subjects for groups of any experience level.


Our Vision

Giving everyone access to top-quality financial expertise at a fair cost with a focus on knowledge, experience and integrity.

Our Mission

Make sure that clients are well-informed and able to achieve their financial goals while fully understanding and offsetting risk.

Ian Rex-Hawkes



Helping individuals with their financial queries, including their wider family requirements. Overall goal is to assure peace of mind for clients and their loved ones.

If you have a company, you have some unique requirements for pensions and insurance. I can help you make sure that you have the right corporate protections in place and a decent pension scheme

A specialist service for lawyers and courts who require an expert in financial advice matters.

If you would like some specialist training on a technical financial subject or would like someone to come and deliver a talk to a wide audience, Ian is happy to do that.

Aegis Financial Consulting

Aegis Financial Consulting is currently going through the application for regulation process, so no regulated financial advice can be provided at present. Please bear with us while we jump through these hoops.

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