Aegis Financial Consulting


See the links below for details of what we do:

  • Financial planning for individuals, including:
    • Cash flow forecasting to assist in creating a well-constructed set of goals.
    • Investment planning with those goals in mind.
    • Pensions, both as part of the investment planning and as a means of providing guaranteed retirement income.
    • Financial protection against sickness and death for your family.
    • Tax minimisation within the bounds of acceptability in law. This might involve reducing the impacts of inheritance tax on your eventual estate, for example.
    • Other niche financial planning areas, including venture capital investment, overseas pensions, and a whole range of other options.
  • Business financial planning, aimed at owner-managed businesses where traditional Employee Benefits consultants are not cost-effective.
  • Expert witness work for lawyers looking for someone with familiarity with financial services legislation.
  • Technical talks and training on a variety of subjects for groups of any experience level.